Why did I start blogging? And why so late? Most mama bloggers start from pregnancy, or when their child was a new born. There were many reasons on why I didn’t start earlier, but really, they were all just excuses. I’m someone who is terrified of failing, so usually I won’t start something so that I can’t fail it! I know that sounds ridiculous, but since giving birth to Alayna I have always wanted to do better and be better for her. So I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone and start something I’ve always considered! So here I am, with a one year old, starting my blog!


I decided to start blogging when I realised I’d never come across a blogger I could relate too. Don’t get me wrong I love lots of other mama bloggers, but there were none that I made me think ‘omg I can so relate to this!’ when it came down to a few topics. Most bloggers were trying hard for a baby, all their family and friends were excited for them, pregnancy looked like their best friend and they seemed like they had their lives together!


Pregnancy wasn’t a pleasant experience for me at all. Charlie and I lost majority of our friends, our families were nasty about the whole situation (until Alayna was born). Strangers treated me absolutely disgusting (I mean what’s with that? How strangers have the confidence to speak their minds to someone they don’t know blows my mind!). I was studying year 12 and working part time, it was a very uncomfortable and stressful pregnancy and we really had no emotional support from anyone. It was hard, it was so hard.


I couldn’t wait to be a mother, I mean I’ve always wanted to be one! But unfortunately I found it hard to be excited around anyone, because no one was excited for us. I barely took any photos of my stomach and really didn’t buy that all much for our girl either. Having to go through this experience made me realise I never want someone to have to go through this on their own. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did. I want to help others who may be in the same situation. I want to be someone’s friend, or support system that I never had. I want to be there for someone who feels like they have no one, who may feel lonely.


The main reason in starting this blog was to help others, I wanted a platform where I could support people. A place I could share my story, tips, tricks, struggles and advice on pregnancy, parenthood, relationships, health, fitness, and all things in between!
If this blog could help one person feel a little less lost, then this will all be worth it!

“I Can’t promise to fix all your problems, but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone.”

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