Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. Watching your belly grow as it creates a life is truly amazing. Some people absolutely love pregnancy and everything that comes with it. But for some it’s hard to process the changes it makes to their body.

With my first pregnancy I went from a size 6 to having stretch marks, cellulite, 23kg weight gain, saggy deflated boobs and I honestly felt like I lost my identity. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. It not only effected my confidence but also my mental health. I made a promise to myself that my next pregnancy would be different and I’m so happy to say that it’s been exactly that! A totally different experience that I’ve learnt to love. 

Of course, it’s all worth it and I am grateful I get to experience pregnancy blah blah blah, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s easy to be upset yet still grateful. Sometimes I still struggle to accept the changes I see when I look in the mirror, but by introducing these little changes and working on my mindset daily, it’s made this experience a lot more enjoyable!

Ways to boost your confidence.

Treat yo’ self.
Treat yourself to new clothes, that actually fit! There’s nothing worst then feeling uncomfortable in your pre baby clothes or resorting to your partners clothes during your pregnancy. Please go out and buy yourself some new outfits. This doesn’t have to be expensive maternity clothes; stores like cotton on or boohoo usually always have comfortable and affordable stretchy clothes you can wear! You deserve to feel beautiful.

Let go of the oldies.
Pack those pre baby clothes away! Otherwise you’ll be saying ‘I have nothing to wear, I’m not fucking going’ for a long 9+ months!  It’s hard to know how many outfits you have when your wardrobe is full of your pre baby skinny jeans and tight tops. Clear out your undies, bra’s and any clothes that you’ve outgrown and pack them away. Update this as your belly grows so you don’t feel deflated every time you look at your wardrobe.

Strut your stuff.
Wear clothes that you feel flattering in! I personally feel like loose clothing makes feel huge and daggy, so I stick to tight skirts and dresses that with stretch with my belly. But I know some who prefer flowy outfits. So find the styles you feel beautiful in and strut your stuff!

 Cut the crap.
Cut back on the junk food! This can be so hard when your pregnant. Not only because you crave hot chips and chocolate. But also because it’s easy to have the mentality ‘well I’m only getting bigger anyway so why eat healthy’. I know it can be so hard to eat good when you’re not seeing an outcome. But it will make you feel better on the inside. You will feel healthy, that alone will give you a little confidence and motivation each day. I’m not saying cut out the junk all together; just carry on a balanced diet and look after yourself.


Move that bod.
Get out and move that body! Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself will make you feel worse and can quickly effect your mental health and confidence. Getting outside for a quick walk or workout can instantly stop you feeling sluggish and gross. It won’t necessarily make you look any different, but you’ll feel different which will give you a boost of confidence.  Find time each day to get outside and move.

Ditch the scales.
This was the worst habit in my first pregnancy. I was told I should only gain 10-15kg, so when I stood on those scales and watched them go up…and up….and UP every day I was devastated. Scales were the most unhealthy thing for my pregnancy, not my weight. Avoid stepping on the scales unless of course, you’re at the doctors. Don’t let that number define you.

You do you boo.
Keep doing all the things you did pre pregnancy that made you feel good physically and mentally. Whether it be fake tan, getting your nails done, wearing makeup, living in gym clothes, working out, going to brunch with friends. Make sure you don’t give up on all the things that make you feel good on the inside or outside. Make an effort for yourself. For me that’s fake tan and gym. These have always done wonders for my confidence so I make sure I still keep it up during pregnancy.

Remind yourself it’s okay.
Sometimes pregnancy isn’t all beautiful. It can disheartening to watch every part of you change and feeling like your losing apart of yourself in the process. Remind yourself that it’s okay to feel like this. You don’t have to be a big burst of positivity every minute of the day. But also remind yourself weight can be lost. It’s not there forever. Weight can always be worked off, your stretch marks will fade and you will feel human again. Hang in there!

Think positive.
Work on turning your mindset into a positive one. Easier said than done, I know. But when you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror or your staring at photo of yourself and notice all the bad, take a moment to appreciate the good too. If you’re going to notice something that you don’t like, make sure you appreciate something you do. It’s okay to have emotions and to feel a certain way, but make sure you’re staying kind to yourself in the process.

It’s all worth it. But I don’t need to tell you that. You know. But that doesn’t make it easy and I understand that. Try to appreciate your body for what its doing, rather than how it’s looking. I hope by focusing on your mindset and introducing these tips you notice a change in your confidence.

Love Loz xxx


Laura Thoms

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