Can you believe it’s been 12 whole weeks since I blogged ‘part 1’ of sweating for the wedding!? 12 weeks of working hard to try and fit back into my wedding dress. If you’ve read part 1, welcome back! If not, go read that first otherwise this blog won’t make any sense! (It’s under Mind, body + soul).
With our wedding in just 46 short days, I bet you’re wanting to know if my dress fits yet? So, let’s get into it!


Extremely proud to say I DOOO fit into it!  I’m so happy that my hard work has been worth it.

BUT it does hug me tight. So it wouldn’t hurt to lose a  bit more weight in the next month so that I’m more comfortable on the day and can eat more food and drink more alcohol! Hehe. Leading up to the wedding I will need to be very aware on my nutrition and exercise. Now that Christmas is over and I can’t use it as an excuse to stuff my face with all sorts of food, hopefully weight gain won’t be an issue. I thought I would write a small list of things I did, changed or avoided on my weight loss journey to help others who may be struggling.



The things I changed.

Mind frame. This is the FIRST thing you need to change! Because if you don’t, you won’t get far. If you tell yourself you don’t have time, you’re too tired, too sore, it’s too hot. Then you’ll always make excuses, you’ll never feel motivated and you’ll never get it done. Don’t complain about it, find a way you love exercising and smash it out!

Portion sizes. This is something a lot of people don’t even realise. I’m not a fan of weighing my food, but I have become more aware of my sizes. With our large dinner plates and huge restaurant meals it’s easy to start giving yourself bigger serves. This will make it very hard to lose weight!

Exercises. Don’t keep doing exercises that you don’t like! For me, I absolutely hate cardio. I couldn’t run 500m if I tried. So, I don’t do cardio! Walking on the treadmill is as much cardio as you’ll see me doing. I love weights, so that’s what I do. I get a new program every 6 weeks and make sure I love the exercises I’m doing. Find what you love; riding, swimming, weights, classes, running, boot camps etc. and do it!

Comparing. Easier said than done, I know! I still find myself doing this, but I’m better at snapping myself out of it. I always compared myself to a girl at gym and it wasn’t until I spoke to her that she said she’s been training for 9 YEARS! How can I compare myself to that, when I’ve been training for 2? Silly, make a conscious effort to snap out of it!

Confidence. Do what makes you confident when working out and don’t give a fuck what people have to say about it! If that means working out with makeup on, fake tan, wearing a crop, booty shorts, getting people to take photos of you, or all of the above! You do you boo.


In part 1 of ‘sweating for the wedding’ I talked all about my weight before and after I had Alayna. I spoke about my happiest and unhappiest weight and what I wanted to weigh/achieve by the time I wrote this blog! Some of my exact words were; ‘My ‘goal’ weight would be to get back to my healthiest weight. The ‘I fit into my wedding dress, feel bloody fabulous, my clothes aren’t too tight and I’m feeling confident again!’ weight. The happiest weight I’ve ever been was 53kg I would love to get back to this.’ This was huge for me as I have been smaller, but this was my strong, fit and most confident weight.

The first two months of this challenge was a huge learning curve for me. I’m someone who preaches ‘don’t focus on the scales too much, take photos instead.’ But I was doing exactly this! I got too obsessed with the scales, and I was getting so upset over the results. So, I told myself to get off them, I told myself I wasn’t allowed on them until I FELT better.  After this I felt so much better, I was starting to feel confident and decided to jump on the scales. The scales didn’t move for the first 2 months. I’m so happy I didn’t give up because the last month was where I smashed it.

Although I can’t ‘prove’ to you that I fit into my dress because I can’t take a photo in it, I did take a photo of the scales on the last day of my ‘project comeback’. Here are my results! (Photo taken on the 20th December)


I was honestly so happy with my results and myself. I fit into my dress and I’m starting to feel myself again! I can’t wait to keep trying my best and smashing new goals.
I hope everyone who followed along and made their own challenge are just as happy with their results. Please let me know how you went and if these tips/blogs helped you in any way!


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