YAY! Our secrets out. We are expecting our second little blessing. We couldn’t keep this news quiet any longer! I can finally say we’re pregnant! I can’t wait to share this journey with you. The photos, blogs and the highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood. Excited doesn’t begin to describe how we are feeling, and we can’t wait to  watch our family grow and share this experience with you!


Will we find out the gender:
Yes! We will be finding out the gender. I don’t feel the need to wait, the thought of waiting doesn’t excite me at all. The real question is should we do a gender reveal?

When am I due:
February 1st our Gold Coast holiday did it for us!

How have I been feeling:
Overall I can’t complain. I haven’t been physically sick, it’s more the contant hungover feeling that I’ve had for a while. Queasy stomach, tired, wanting starchy foods/oily junk etc. It’s getting easier each day, I’ve been lucky so far!

Is this why I’ve been MIA:
Yep! I had gone quiet on Instagram and wasn’t sharing photos or weekly blogs. There was nothing seriously wrong, but I felt like I was getting motion sickness every time I looked at my laptop or phone so I new it was best to take a break.

What gender do you hope for:
We don’t have a gender that we are really hoping for. In the end we just want a happy healthy baby, as everyone does! But if I had to say, I would love another girl. I would love Alayna to have a little sister close in age and watch them grow and become best friends. But I would also be over the moon with a boy too. We won’t be gender dissapointed, either will just be  blessing. 

Were we trying:
Yes, yes and yes! We were very much trying! We started trying before the wedding, and It took us 5 months to conceive.

How did you find out:
I found out by taking a home pregnancy test 3 days after my period was due, it was a strong positive and I cried my eyes out. Charlie was working away at the time so I waited until he was home to surprise him, which i’ll explain in a future blog!


Why did we announce before 12 weeks? (Warning: I do mention miscarriage.)

This has definitely been our most common question. Our plan was to announce right from the start but by the time I told Charlie, then we told our family and friends and got our photography photos taken and edited etc the weeks just flew by! I’m currently 9 weeks. There’s so many reasons we announced before 12 weeks, and that’s just it! The pro’s outweighed the con’s and we didn’t see the need to keep it from everyone.

One of the main reasons I wanted to announce early was to stop the comments. The comments we got daily from friends, family and strangers. They aren’t intentionally hurtful comments, but they do hurt. It seems as soon as your first child turns 2 you should be trying for another.  ‘You do realise your pregnant for 9 months, so by the time you have your next your daughter will be 3?’. Comments constantly telling us we should/shouldn’t be trying were so upsetting. Mainly because it wasn’t up to them OR us, we were trying, and it wasn’t happening.

So many people think they have a say in your lives, without actually knowing what’s going on behind the doors. Whenever I received comments like these I always thought; ‘what if I had just experienced a miscarriage, and then I was told  from another person that it’s time we have another baby?’. It was comments like these that made we want to ditch the 12 week rule and the ‘safe zone’. I want people to know I’m pregnant, I want people to know  we were trying, I want people to know I’m in the early stages and I want people to know if something terrible happens. Maybe then, the comments will stop.

We wanted to announce early not only because of the comments. But for ourselves. To us it wouldn’t matter if we were 5 weeks pregnant or 20 weeks. It’s still a child to us, just as loved and wanted. We would need your support. Why would I want to act like nothing’s happened, what’s silencing myself going to do for my health and wellbeing? When I could have everyone’s support to help me through my thoughts and emotions. I wouldn’t want to keep something so devastating to myself, so why not just tell you what’s happening in our lives right from the get go! We’re pregnant!



Disclaimer:  I will be spamming my platform with bump photos, pregnancy blogs, the birth, newborn photos and beyond. This is super exciting time for us and I don’t want to have to keep my posts minimal to please others. If you aren’t interested in this please feel free to unfollow me, I won’t be offended.

But for those who seem as excited as us about this news, THANK YOU! Thank you to all the amazing people who have followed our journey so far. Thank you for all the messages, love and support you have given us since announcing our second pregnancy, I really do notice those who support us every single day.
Stay tuned and follow @tinythoms on Instagram for pregnancy spam! Please feel free to send me any messages/questions you may have that I didn’t answer.


Love Loz xxx



Photographer: CS photography
Makeup Artist: Makeup.bymaddie
Hair Stylist: Hair by Chloe Hadkiss
Alayna’s Dress: Illoura The label.


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