After having my daughter I realised there were so many products I wasted money buying and so many things I wish I had bought, but didn’t! In this blog I’ll be sharing all the newborn essentials I have ready for baby #2 and why I think they’re a must.

Everyday Essentials:


Sleep Cacoon

I honestly think this will be a life saver. I didn’t have one with Alayna and I was always dragging my big bassinet around the house or lugging my heavy pram bassinet to friends’ houses so Alayna had somewhere to rest. This sleep pod will be perfect to take from room to room so they can be nice and close. It’s small and compactable which will be perfect for our camping trips and outings. The Little Hope and Co sleep cacoon is perfect for what we were are after, it feels amazing and comes in a little bag so it’s easy to take places. I am so excited to use it!
Find mine here: White Sleep Cacoon

Baby Monitor

This was perfect for peace of mind. Even though baby may be in your room to begin with, it’s handy to have if your doing chores outside or if baby is resting in another room. A good investment that can be used for years, not just in the newborn days. Mine was a simple one from target with no camera and it did the job!


Swaddles are the perfect versatile product. If you don’t know what to buy an expecting mum, swaddles are the go! I feel like you can never have too many and they come in handy for so many different reasons. These stunning bamboo swaddles are from Ziggy Lou, the material is incredible and I’m obsessed with the colours! I’ll be getting more of these beauties before baby comes.
Find them here: Ziggy Lou Bamboo Swaddles


A bouncer or swing are a must! I have both but I definitely got more use out of a bouncer with my daughter. It often came in handy at ‘witching hour’ (Also known as dinner time) when she would decide she didn’t want to lay down and wanted to be more up right. So I always had it on the kitchen floor or bench and she loved seeing what was going on.

Nappy Bag

If you’re a neat freak like me and like everything being organised and in order (even your nappy bag) then its best to get a bag with compartments! I love my mine from Storksak. It’s leather (easy to clean),  light weight, the perfect size and has lots of compartments so everything has a ‘place’ in the bag. I found it hard to find a nice looking nappy bag so I was so happy when I came across Storksak! Their range, styles and colours are absolutely amazing.  
Find mine here: Kym Leather Nappy Bag


Onesies are a must, but zippies are even better! Buttons are too much effort when you’re sleep deprived and changing nappies so often. I wasted so much money on button up onesies and cute little outfits for my daughter but she lived in zippies for a good 6/8 weeks. I’ve learnt my lesson this time around and stocked up on onesies instead of outfits.


This is something I wish I had when Alayna was a newborn, but didn’t! Although she was a placid baby, it still would have been handy to have one when I needed to get chores done, eat with both hands, pop down the street etc. It’s the perfect way to have baby close when they want their mama, but still gives you both hands to get things done! I ordered two from Beluga Baby this time around, it will make life so much easier, especially with a newborn and toddler! I loved the colours and patterns Beluga baby had, they even have little ones you can buy for your toddler so they can carry their doll around, like mama!
Find them here:Beluga Baby Wraps

Change Mat

Some people love change tables but I sold mine within a few months and didn’t rate it at all. A change mat is so much easier! Takes up less room, you can move it around any room and have it in your room at night. This time we just went with a change basket so it doesn’t take up any room in the nursery and can be portable.


Alayna never took a dummy, but they were still so convenient to have! If she was waiting for a feed but I wasn’t able to at the time, a dummy would always keep her calm until I could feed her. I’ve already stocked up on dummies for baby #2.

Nappy Caddy (night box)

I always had a little basket next to my bed with nappies, wipes, burp cloth, nappy cream, breast pads and a dummy so that the night time feed/nappy change was super easy and convenient and I didn’t have to leave my room. It was always stocked up and prepared for the night ahead and was so handy to move around the house whenever I needed it. 


Feeding Essentials:


These essentials are for bottle or breastfeeding mums.
I didn’t breastfeed Alayna for as long as I planned. I truly wanted to but in the end I felt so overwhelmed and unprepared. I didn’t have the essentials I wish I had at the time. This time around I plan on breastfeeding again and I’ve stocked up on everything that may be useful so I feel prepared.
These are all the essentials I have:

Ice Packs

Please, please, please do yourself a huge favour and look into buying ice packs for the boobies. Mine are from Body Ice Woman and I honestly think they are going to make a huge difference to my breastfeeding journey. They work as ice or heat packs depending what you need them for and help with sore boobs, engorgement, blocked milk ducks and all those other painful breastfeeding things we experience.
Find them here: Maternity Care Pack

Breast Feeding Pillow

Even newborns start to feel heavy after a while and leave you with a dead arm. I found a breastfeeding pillow so helpful, especially in the night when I would feel tired and weak.

Burp Rags

This is something I was NOT prepared for. My daughter was a spewer for the first 10 months of her life. I quickly said goodbye to the cute triangle bibs and used towels instead. This time I’ve stocked up on cloth nappies that I’ll use as burp/spew rags. Take them everywhere you go!


Even if you plan on breastfeeding I think it’s good to have a few bottles around. In case you want to express, let dad feed baby or just get them use to a bottle. Don’t get too many though, in case baby doesn’t like that specific brand!

Breast Pump

Breast pumps are a god sent! Seriously they are amazing. I would highly recommend getting an electric pump too. It makes life so much easier if your wanting to express some milk for any reason. It’s always good to have a little supply in the freezer for emergencies. I used my pump so often with my first born and it helped me in those first few weeks of breastfeeding struggles. 


A steriliser is good for keeping bottles, breast pump parts, dummies and rubber (teething) toys clean and sterile for your newborn bub. I used mine all the time, even when breast feeding. I think they’re a must have!

Nipple Cream

Nothing worse then cracked, sore, bleeding nipples! Stock up on nipple cream and pack it in your hospital bag asap!

Breast Pads

Breast pads are a no brainer. I was leaking milk from 18 weeks pregnant, so I started stocking up on breast pads early because I knew it was only going to get worse, and it did! I went through so many pads daily it was insane. This time around I’ll be giving Miss Mae Studio Breast Pads a go, they’re washable, reusable, absorbent and soft on the nips which are all SO important.
Plus they have gorgeous prints.
Find them here: Miss Mae Studio Breast Pads

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields are also something I wish I had when breastfeeding Alayna, but didn’t. So this time I plan of getting some nipple, just in case they are needed. They will be helpful in the early days when your nipples need a break.

Nursing Friendly Clothes

This never crossed my mind. I had breastfeeding bra’s but quickly realised most of my clothes weren’t breastfeeding friendly. I’m a very self-conscious person, I like all my clothes to be high neck and I never wear singlets on their own. So it quickly became very hard to leave the house, breastfeed in public or feel comfortable or confident. I would often sit my in pyjama’s all day without leaving the house which wasn’t healthy for me. It’s sounds silly, but I think it’s so important to treat yourself to a few breastfeeding friendly outfits before baby comes.


There you go mama’s! My everyday and feeding essentials. I hope this blog helps you feel more prepared and helps you in some way. 


Love Loz xxx

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