Preparing for your unborn baby can be an exciting and overwhelming time. Where do you start and what do you need!? I’ve created a checklist that includes absolutely everything you will want/need for your babies arrival!
I have previously written a ‘Newborns Must Haves‘ blog where I talk about all my ‘couldn’t live without’ baby essentials and my go-to brands too.
You can find my Newborn Must Haves Blog here.





There you go! My checklist with everything you will need! Some may not be relevant to you, but these are all the things I used or wish I had first time around! I didn’t include specific numbers of clothing, bedding, blankets etc. because I think it all depends where you live, what season you’re in, if you have a poo explosion or spew prone baby etc. My daughter needed plenty of outfits, but I know some people only need 6 or so.
I hope I have still helped in some way. Good Luck and happy shopping!

 Love Loz.

Laura Thoms

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