Me time. Something that is important for us mums to have, but usually don’t give ourselves the time of day to do it. We are so busy taking care of everything else around us; we forget to take care of ourselves and our own wellbeing.

Me time isn’t always something you do by yourself, but more something that you do for yourself. A weekend away in a flash apartment, drinking expensive wine, eating delicious food and getting to sleep in, am I right mamas? Nope, not even close. Life demands so much of us these days. It’s so easy to believe that you need to be doing so much more. There’s so much ‘hype’ on me time, and what it’s supposed to look like. This will often lead to us not doing it at all. Me time doesn’t have to be a big weekend away, a day at the hot springs or an expensive pamper day. You don’t need all the money and all the time in the world to enjoy some ‘me time’.
Here’s 10 realistic ways, to enjoy some me time.


Facial / pamper:
Buy some face masks and some nail polish ($7 from Kmart!) And treat yourself to a little pamper session when your babes go to bed. Lay back and relax, listen to music or read a book. Something as simple as a face mask can make you feel so refreshed and relaxed.



Dinner night with the girls:
Organise to have your girl/girls over for dinner. Put your kids to bed, send the husband to another room and enjoy a wine and dinner with your besties. Sometimes all you need is some time with your friends to make you feel human again, even better than going out because you can wear your PJ’s. Doesn’t get much better than that!


Going for a walk. Whether it’s an hour or 10 minutes, chuck some music in and go for a quiet stroll, pram free! Walking boosts your mood. So if you’re doing it kid free, you should feel amazing after it! Nothing better than fresh air and good tunes.


Take a nap. I know, I know; it can be so frustrating when people tell you do nap when the baby does. The dishes aren’t going to clean themselves! But, sometimes you need to give yourself that break. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. A quick cat nap can be so healthy for your wellbeing. Don’t run yourself down, take a nap mama.



Get all those rubber ducks and grip mats out of the bath, because this mama is getting in! Turn the lights off, light the candles and get the bubbles flowing. Enjoy a nice warm bath, close your eyes and just relax, rejuvenate and breathe.



Order take out:
After a long day parenting, your job isn’t over. You still have to clean up all the toys and mess your child’s made that day, cook dinner, clean the dishes and get the kids ready for bed. Not today! Order some take out and have a TV dinner. Enjoy a cooked meal and clean kitchen without having to step foot in there. Something as simple as this isn’t necessarily ‘me time’ but it can be just as good. Gives you more time to enjoy the night and just have a break.



You little one’s finally down for that nap you’ve been trying to get them to have for the last hour? Lay back, put your feet up and enjoy your fav movie or a new one! The laundry can wait 1.5 hours today. You need your time.



Breakfast in bed:
Don’t have a partner that would do this for you? That’s okay. Cook it yourself! Wake up 10 minutes before your child. Cook yourself some bacon and eggs or pancakes. Walk your butt back to bed and enjoy a nice warm breakfast (without having to share!) in bed. This may sound like a chore, you may be missing out on 10 minutes sleep, but you’re gaining so much more. Some peace, some time to eat a warm and hot coffee, lounging in bed enjoying time for yourself before the big day ahead. Try it!



Get outside in the fresh air and reconnect with Mother Nature. Take yourself away from your phone and just enjoying the simple things; chirping birds and sun on your back.



Nothing like a bit of lounge room yoga. The perfect way to focus on your breathing and yourself. Youtube some yoga movements and music and you’re set.


Make time for you! Sometimes you might need to wake a little early, or stay up a little late, or miss a day of cleaning. Do it for you, make yourself the priority. If anyone deserves a little luxury in their lives, it’s us mamas! You don’t need an expensive night out, or a weekend away. Just find what works for you and make time to do it. Create time each week, to focus on you. If your child needs anything, it’s a healthy, happy mother.
Now next time you sit down to plan out your week ahead, make sure to slot in some me time!


Love Loz xxx

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