I’ve been on the search for some nice maternity outfits this pregnancy. I always found maternity clothes to be so ugly when I had my daughter, so I refused to buy them which resorted in me living in my husbands footy shorts and hoodies my whole pregnancy. Not a pretty sight!

I didn’t want to feel and look gross this pregnancy so I saved up my penny’s and decided to treat myself to a new wardrobe. I filled my wardrobe with comfortable every day clothes and some activewear too!

We don’t have an exposable income, so while I did want to ‘treat’ myself I also had to keep in mind we are on a small budget. I didn’t want to spend too much on clothing I would only wear pregnant, so I tried to keep all my options versatile! Picking clothing I could wear pregnant or not, dress up or dress down for different occasions or wear different ways so it looked like my wardrobe was bigger than it actually is!

But I also wanted to keep in mind that I’m pregnant for 9 months and I’ll be full term in the middle of summer again (rookie), so I wanted to make sure I was buying clothing that were flattering and comfortable so that I could look and feel b-e-a-utiful.


My Recommendations:

Cotton on.

Cotton on is always a go to for me. Although they aren’t maternity, they always have a wide variety of clothing, styles and sizes. I picked some stretchy dresses and they have been so comfortable for the growing bump. I also grabbed myself some loose tee’s in plain colours that I could tie over skirts or dresses to get more looks out of the outfits I’m buying.

Dress in kahki $19.95
Tee’s $14.95
Dress in black $30

Cotton on body.

Cotton on body is one of my all-time favs, pregnant or not! I have their maternity leggings in 2 different colours and a singlet in 3 different colours and they have been absolutely amazing! So comfortable, flattering and affordable. I pretty much live in gym clothes so I love that I could purchase some maternity outfits without breaking the bank. There Pyjama’s are also a dream! I will be purchasing more for my hospital stay for sure!

Maternity tights $29.95
Tops $19.95
Pyjama pants $34.95


Boohoo have a large variety of clothing for different occasions and have a maternity and normal range. I personally find they can be a hit or miss! You will either find a good bargain and love your purchase or feel like you got what you paid for, because they are so cheap haha! I ordered some stretchy skirts and dresses, the material is light and breathable which will be perfect in summer! Some things I ordered I generally love, others I find may be a bit see-through (if you buy lighter colours) or the fit is sometimes a little off. But in saying that I only ordered these outfits to last me my pregnancy. I’m happy with the clothing I received, given the price I paid.

Two pack skirts $22
Dress $18
All other skirts I ordered were roughly $10 each, give or take!

Bae the label.

More on the expensive side, but worth it! The quality is unreal and the fit is amazing. I bought the same dress in 2 different colours (first dress pictured) and I’m already eyeing off all their other clothing and swimwear. I cannot get enough of them! They are a maternity brand so all their outfits fit the bump beautifully. You can tell by their styles that they don’t only care for fashion, but also comfort and afterbirth, making most outfits nursing friendly. I am so happy I spent that little extra to get good quality material dresses.

Dress $99
Skirt $89
Stripe Dress $89

Big W.

I love getting plain tops in different colours to pair with my skirts or dresses, it makes me feel like I have more options when it comes to picking an outfit. Big w is perfect for this, they had tops from just $9 that are light weight and perfect to layer. I also got a pair of undies and oh my gosh they are amazing! I’m someone who often forget to buy new bras and undies so this was actually a massive treat haha! I’ve couldn’t have ditched my beloved g strings quicker. These bad boys are now my go to! No wedgy, no visible panty line, they don’t cut into me or my c section scar and the material is breathable which is perfect for those hot summer days.

2 pack undies $12

I can usually find whatever i’m looking for in these few stores, so I don’t stray from them. I haven’t gone too crazy on new outfits, but I have purchased items that have lasted my whole pregnancy so far which has been amazing, because I hate clothes shopping!
I’m always getting asked where my clothing is from, so I hope this blog had helped some pregnant mama’s out there with their wardrobe dilemma!
I will continue to update this as my wardrobe and belly grows, if need be!

Love Loz xxx

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