During my pregnancy with my daughter I put on 23kgs. I wasn’t too worried, I mean I didn’t like the way I looked but I assumed I would bounce right back to my normal self. I went from 50kg to 73kg. I ate like crap and I didn’t look after my body. After having my daughter, I only lost 5kg naturally. I was left with 18kg and I was ridiculously unhappy. I was blessed with my baby girl, but I completely neglected my body in the process. I knew I had to change if I was going to be a happy, positive role model to my daughter.  

I was 68kg and positive I could get back to my pre baby weight. I was never a fan of exercise or vegetables as a young teenager. I hated the thought of both! But after introducing minor changes one at a time I become absolutely in love with the process. I felt amazing on the inside, I had energy and I was losing those kgs. Within 6 months I was back to 50kg, I was eating more than I usually would and I was making time for exercises daily (waking up before my daughter to smash out a home workout). I fell in love with health and fitness and all it did for my mental and physical health. The knowledge and lifestyle has made a world of difference in helping me raise a strong, healthy little girl.


20 steps I introduced to help with weight loss.

Meal prep: I won’t blab on about this because I know I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs. But meal prepping is so important. Making time once a week to prepare some healthy lunches for the week makes it so easy to stay on track. No running to the bakery, constant snacking or finding a quick fix.


Water: Warm lemon water in the morning is a wonderful way to start your digestion for the day and has so many other benefits (which I have stated in previous blogs). Also drinking lots of room temp water throughout the day is a must! Often our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. When you feel like having a snack, have a glass of water first! It also flushes your body and keeps you hydrated and healthy.


FBW: Fat burning walk! Waking up early and going for a quick walk before breakfast can be so beneficial. This is an easy way to lose weight. When you go for a walk on an empty stomach, you burn off stored fat, instead of some of the meal you just ate. I saw results fast when I started doing this!


Eat more: Eat more? Yep! This can be different for everyone, so I would highly suggest talking to a nutritionist. But for myself, when I ate more regular, small meal I noticed my KG’s dropping! I was never the best with food. I would have 1-2 meals a day but would constantly snack. I started having 4 small meals a day and 2 snacks and it was the best! I was never hungry, I was eating more frequently but losing weight, WIN! It is also good for your metabolism, just make sure it’s healthy. (eg. I ate at 7:30am, 11:30:am, 2:30pm, snack, 6:30pm, snack)


Nutrition: Focus on your nutrition! You could be exercising 5 days a week, but if you don’t eat well you’ll struggle to see results. Start with healthy eating and when you have that down pat, introduce some exercise. Weightless is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise.


Weight lifting: So many people fear lifting weight because they don’t want to get ‘bulky’. People think cardio is for weight loss and weights are for muscle gain. This isn’t always the case! Weight lifting can be great for weight loss. Weight lifting is great for burning calories and boosting your metabolism.


Plate size: Eat on a smaller plate, this doesn’t mean you have to eat less. When you put your meal on a small plate it tricks your mind to think you’re eating more. This helps you feel full. Also, try and eat at a table and just focus on your food, not the tv or your phone! This will make you more aware of how much you are eating and when you are feeling full.


Ditch the scales: When trying to lose weight it’s so easy to obsess over the scales, this isn’t healthy and can make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. But, If you’re on a weight loss journey you will want to track your progress. Set a day and time once a week that you can get the scales out and see where you’re at. But don’t get disheartened by the results! I would suggest taking progress photos and going off those too. We are visual creatures, It’s easier to see results in photos than it is on the scales.


Find your motivation: I love to find someone who motivates me. Someone who is like me in the way of body type, shape, height etc. And use them as inspiration. Find someone with the same figure as you and use them as motivation! It’s lovely to use others to motivate and inspire you without comparing.


Get a workout buddy: Finding a workout buddy can make the whole experience so much easier/fun. Grab a friend or family member and organise a day you can go for a walk or meet at the gym. It’s always good to have a friend who is in it with you.


Don’t rely on others: This goes hand in hand with getting a workout buddy. Getting a workout buddy can help you keep accountable. But don’t rely on them. If they can’t make gym, go anyway! If they can’t be bothered going on that walk, walk alone! Never rely on someone else or blame others. This is up to you!


Make conscious choices: Cut out products you know aren’t good for you. Jam, soft drink, store-bought banana bread, packet chips, alcohol, sauces! Things some people have daily. Make a conscious effort to change the small things that will be affecting you! Salad dressings and store-bought banana bread can be as unhealthy as a big mac. It’s not healthy! It’s so easy to make your own salad dressings too, I usually just use lemons or apple cider vinegar or google healthy recipes. Google is your best friend!


Find your passion: Find what you love and do it as often as you can! Whether it’s Pilates, swimming, running, cardio, weights, yoga, classes, boot camps, walking, boxing, or anything in between! There’s so many ways to exercise. I personally hate cardio, I hate feeling out of breath and not being in control on my breathing. But I love weight, so that’s what I do! If you hate what you’re doing you will find every excuse as to why you can’t do it.


Get a diary: Get a diary and make the time! ‘I don’t have the time’ is such a common excuse these days. If you want it bad enough you will make the time. Write out your week and see where you can fit in a little time to meal prep, squeeze in a 20 minute walk or do a quick home workout. Anything is better than nothing.


Ingredients: Check the ingredients. There is so much food out there that claim to be healthy, but have you ever check their ingredients? Ingredients go in order, so if sugar is in the first 5 ingredients I usually won’t purchase it! We can get so blind sided by products claiming to be healthy, I know it have. For example; spinach wraps (you know those wraps that are green because they have spinach in them?) HAVE NO SPINACH IN THEM!! Just be super aware of what you are buying and the sugar content in them.


Make healthy snacks: Make your snacks. There are so many delicious snacks out there that are healthy. This way you can take them to work or have them at home, so you always have a healthy option, but it still feels like a treat. I’m a sweet tooth and always love something after dinner, so having healthy chocolate slices that taste ‘not so healthy’ are the best for me.


Don’t buy it: Don’t buy it, don’t eat it. Its as simple as that, don’t have chocolate, cookies or coke in your house and your less likely to have it! If you really want it go down the street and grab one, but don’t have it sitting in your house because you’re likely to have it more than you should.


Cut the excuses:  Stop making excuses, I was shocking for this at the start because I was terrified of joining a gym. I always made excuses until I got to a point where I was so unhappy with my body, I was going to do anything to lose the weight! Remind yourself of the excuses you’re making, and if there is a way around them. Wake up earlier, stay up late, ditch your favourite tv show for a quick workout. Don’t lie to yourself, it only effects you! You make time for what important in your life.


Review your goals: Set goals. Set small goals and big goals. You want to drop 1kg this week, or do 20 push ups by the end of the month, you want to run a marathon in 6 months etc. Make goals that will help with your personal growth. Make yourself proud. I know I like to treat myself as I don’t always do so. Eg. If I go to gym 4 days a week for the next 2 months no excuses, I can buy myself new runners. When you find yourself struggling, look over your goals and remind yourself why you started.


Start: start NOW. Not tomorrow, after the weekend or next week. Start now! This is a lifestyle, not a diet. There is no end date. Start now. Don’t stress if you slip up, if you do just keep carrying on the day with healthy nutritious meals. It doesn’t matter if you slip up every now and then, what matter is that you don’t just decide that means you can drop it all and start tomorrow. Nope…slip up, enjoy it, move on and continue being healthy.


At the start of my fitness journey I couldn’t afford the gym crèche, so I was getting up at 5am to go to gym, do a home workout or to fit in a walk. Then at night I was staying up late to cook my meal prep or bake. I had to make it work, I had 18kg to lose. I had a child, a part time night job and was studying, but I made it work! Change your mindset. It is possible. It starts with you.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, start with a few tips and work your way up. One step at a time will make an enormous difference. Be strict on yourself. Balance is great but if you’re on a fast weight loss journey like I was, sometimes you need to cut a few things out of your diet until you are where you want to be, for you to be able to live a balanced diet.

Lastly I would like to state, I didn’t ‘bounce’ back. It wasn’t all ‘baby weight’. I get this comment constantly and it’s really hurtful. I worked by butt off day and night to get back to my old body, and I am proud of my achievements. I’m sorry that I couldn’t supply comparison photos. I deleted all photos and refused full body pictures after my ‘baby weight’ dropped off because I was overweight and disgusted with my body.

These are the 20 tips I followed to lose 18kg’s in 6 months. I hope they make a world of difference to you like they did to me! Let me know on my instagram @tinythoms.

Love Loz xxx

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