Keeping healthy and active can be a challenge when you’re on holiday. But that’s because you’re on holiday! It’s okay to eat a little more, drink a little more and put on a few more KGs. That’s what a holiday is all about. Enjoy yourself and your time away.

But, being healthy isn’t just physical for me; it really does change my mood and make me feel so much healthier mentally. So even on holidays its important for me implement small changes here and there. It makes it so much easier to ‘get back into it’ when I return home from holidays too, because I never fully stopped. I am on holidays at the moment, so I thought it was the perfect time to explain exactly what I’ve done to keep healthy and active whilst still enjoying my time here.

I do understand that this blog won’t matter to some. But I know I  rely on an active lifestyle for my overall well-being and mental health and I’m sure others do too. For some, there’s a lot more to it than just the physical side of things! 


Do your research:
Do your research before you go. Research healthy cafes/restaurants in the area you are staying at! You don’t need to come here for every meal you have, but at least you have a healthier option there when you feel like it. Most restaurant meals are usually so high in calories and their portions are oversized. So choosing healthier options can be a great way to stay on track.



Lemon water:
Lemon water is such an easy effective way to keep healthy on holiday. Lemon water has many benefits; it boosts you energy and mood, a good source of vitamin C, aids digestion and it a great was to detoxify your body. Having warm lemon water (first thing) every morning before you start the day is a great way to clear your body and start your digestion for the day.


Walking! I love morning walks, waking up and starting your day active is the best way to give yourself energy for the day. Moving your body is so important. I love walking because it’s such an easy activity that I can involve the fam in. Choose walking over public transport when you can and keep those legs moving.


Active days:
Holidays are great for relaxing, but there also great for exploring! Get out there, something as simple as swimming, hiking, hiring bikes etc. are a great way to get exercise without even realising. Incidental exercise is the best; you’re still moving your body and keeping active and that’s all that matters! 


Captain obvious here. But seriously, water is so good for everything. Keeps you hydrated, helps flush you from toxins, boosts your metabolism and energy and lots of other benefits. I find on holidays I’m always too busy and forget to drink water (or maybe I’m just replacing it with alcohol…whoops). So this time around I went and bought myself a new drink bottle, filled it up in the morning and took it everywhere I went. Enjoy peeing 123432 times a day.


Plan ahead:
When going on holiday, we always try to get a room with a fully functioning kitchen. It’s nice going out for every meal, but I do get over it. Having a kitchen can come in handy if you want to stay in for a meal (especially when you have kids and need to work around their naps etc.). Cooking your own meal is an easy way to keep healthy.


Go Shopping:
I do this tip as soon as I get to my destination. Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way! Going grocery shopping and stocking up on some supplies can help you stay on track. Buying fruit (lemons) and other healthy snacks for your big days out will help you eat healthy and save you money too! Also getting a few meal supplies in case you decide to eat a meal at home, so then you have healthy options there without having to order something or go find a quick fix.


Not that sort of quickie…(although that will burn calories too). I’m talking a quick workout! You don’t need to stay somewhere with a gym to do this. Giving yourself 10-20 minutes a day to do a quick workout in your room, by the beach or at the park can be a great way to stay active. It can be as simple as some small body weight exercises. I have a resistance band that I take on holidays so I can smash out a small workout when I have a few minutes to spare. Gives me energy and puts me in a positive mood for the day.


There’s a reason I put this tip last…because I knew you probably wouldn’t continue reading this blog! I’m not saying don’t drink at all. I love a good wine and I’m on holidays, so of course I’m going to drink! But choose what you’re drinking, especially if you’re doing it every night. Mocktails and cocktails can have so many calories in one drink, so if you’re having a few a night, every night, it’s going to add up. I still enjoy a cocktail, but I’ll stick to wine after that. It’s just good to be aware.


I am not telling you not to drink. If this doesn’t bother you AT ALL then this blog isn’t for you! This is purely for the people who do like to keep accountable on holidays and still try to have a healthy and active lifestyle whist enjoying their holiday. As I’ve said, I do this for my mental health and I know this may benefit others who rely on fitness for their overall health too. Don’t put pressure on yourself; enjoy your holiday and the people around you.
We still enjoyed junk food, alcohol and desserts! If you follow me on Instagram (@mama.alayna) you can back me up on that one! Balance is key.

Drink more, eat more, lounge around, explore, but most of all have the best time and let your hair down!

Love Loz xxx

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