If you’ve found this blog, I’m guessing your due date is approaching and you want to get your baby moving! So, let’s try get that baby out of your belly and into your arms. I have 12 tips that may help induce labour, but please keep in mind they will only work if bub is ready (I know that’s not what you want to hear, sorry!). What works for one person may not work for another. Some babies are ready but need that little push, but some are happy and comfortable where they are; and won’t budge! But there’s no harm in trying, right? So good luck, I hope one of these tips work for you!


 12 ways to induce labour naturally.



Studies show that eating 6 dates a day from 36 weeks significantly reduces the need for induction. While it may not bring on labour early, it’s a good idea to introduce them into your diet early to try an avoid being induced/overdue.


Spicy Food.

There’s actually no studies to show that eating spicy food will bring on labour; but there are people who say it worked for them! For people (like me) who can’t handle spicy food, it can contract your stomach and stimulate your digestive system which can trick your body into thinking you’re in labour.


Exercise ball.

Try using an exercise ball as your new chair instead of a desk chair/couch and gently bounce up and down. The pressure may help get baby moving! Bouncing on an exercise ball can encourage your baby’s head to move down to the birth canal and into position; which can induce labour.


This is the main advice my doctor and midwives had for me when I asked the best way to induce labour. If you’re 37+ weeks you can start trying to express colostrum into syringes for baby; this can start contractions and bring on labour. If you don’t want to express, nipple stimulation is just as effective.


Raspberry leaf tea.

Raspberry leaf tea is safe to have during pregnancy. From 36 weeks you can have 1 cup a day and work your way up to 4. This tea helps the muscles in your womb work better during pregnancy and helps the labour process once it’s started. Many believe raspberry leaf tea worked for them!



Walking is a great natural way to bring on labour. Keeping active and going on daily walks will move your baby down to your cervix, which causes pressure and releases a hormone that triggers contractions. Even better, try walking up hills and stairs.


Let’s talk about sex, baby! Although it’s not the most comfortable thing to do with a big basketball belly in the way, it is said to be one of the best ways to send you into labour. There are many benefits of having sex in the late stages of your pregnancy. Sex releases hormones that can trigger contractions, orgasms help stimulate your womb and semen helps soften your cervix.



I’ve only heard good things about acupuncture triggering labour. It gets your body ready by dilating and softening your cervix. If baby is ready but just needs a little help; acupuncture could easily begin contractions.



Don’t stress yourself out trying to bring on labour, because if your stressed it probably isn’t going to happen. Stress destroys everything. While it still good to get out, be active and move your body during pregnancy, its also good to give yourself time to relax and rest. Take time to switch off; take a nice warm bath, read a book, watch a movie or try get to bed early. Do something to relax your mind and remember; you won’t be pregnant forever, even if it feels that way.

Bumpy roads.

Driving along bumpy roads is said to help women go into labour. It causes pressure and encourages your baby’s head to move down to your cervix. I’ll be getting my husband to take me out on some dirt roads or 4WD tracks if I get desperate.



I didn’t fully believe pineapple would work because there’s no studies to back it up. But when I asked people on my Instagram  how they induced labour, a few people said pineapple worked for them! So it’s always worth a shot.


Stretch and sweep.

Ask your doctor when you can begin a stretch and sweep. Some won’t do it until you’re due.
I had 3 failed stretch and sweeps when I was overdue with my first born; so this time around they are happy to start stretch and sweeps from 39 weeks. There’s no harm is asking!


So there you have it; my top 12 tips for inducing labour. Wishing you a safe pregnancy and labour! Hang in there mama.

Love Loz xxx


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