How did I find out I was pregnant?

I honestly knew I was pregnant from the moment we conceived. We were on holiday and I told Charlie then and there that I was pregnant. I felt it, I knew it.

We got home from our holiday and a few weeks had past, my period was due in two days so I decided to take a test. I knew I was taking it a little too early but I thought, if I was pregnant surely it would show on the test.

It was Wednesday the 23rd May, which is a very big date for me every year. On this date, years ago, I lost my best friend. I had in my mind that it would be a good day to take a test. It would be the date I found out my best friend had lost his life, and it would also be the day I found out I was growing a life. I took the pregnancy test and I remember staring at it with all the hope and excitement in the world. I was shaking uncontrollably and didn’t blink an eye while I waited for those lines to appear! Or should I say line. It came up negative and my heart sunk and I felt physically sick. I looked at the pregnancy test from every single angle hoping there was a tiny faint line somewhere, but there wasn’t.

I didn’t fully believe it, I still had hope! We had been trying for months and I had never felt this certain that I was pregnant. I truly believed that the test was faulty and that I was pregnant. I grabbed a second pregnancy test, this one was digital. I opened the next test, downed a bottled of water and waited on the toilet until I needed to wee again. 

I remember looking  down at the test, my eyes were filling with so much tears I couldn’t read the response anymore. Negative. I dropped to the floor and cried. Man, did I cry. I have no idea how long I was on my toilet floor for, but it felt like a lifetime. This day was already such an emotional day for me, it always has been. I’ve always struggled on this day and I’ve just made it  so much worse for myself. Why did I think that was a good idea? 

Friday came around and my period was due. I waited all day but it didn’t show, which wasn’t uncommon because it was usually a few days late. I told myself if I didn’t get it by Tuesday I would take another test, but by this stage I was sure I would going to get my period.

Monday the 28th of May came around, Charlie had left to work away for the week and I was sipping on a cuppa and writing a blog. I remember I kept getting up to pee but I hadn’t had much water at all. That’s it, I had to take another test!

I went to the toilet with a test in my hand. I didn’t know what to expect. All this time I was sure I was pregnant, but those negative tests had put every bit of doubt into my mind. I took my 3rd pregnancy test.

Two red lines quickly appeared. I’M PREGNANT! Excitement filled my body and tear filled my eyes. The moment we have been dreaming of for so long! I’m actually fucking pregnant! I’ll never be able to put my feelings into words at this moment in my life. It was pure shock, happiness and a whole lot of tears, again.


How I told my husband I was pregnant.

For over a year I had an idea in my head on how I wanted to surprise Charlie with some baby news! Donuts! What better way to tell him I’m going to be gaining a few kg’s, by making him gain some too?

I found out I was pregnant on the 28th May, but I couldn’t tell Charlie until he returned home from work which was the 1st June! So I had 5 days to keep this secret to myself and organise some fresh Krispy Kreme donuts on arrival. I wanted to make it look like I got him a ‘welcome home’ treat, so it was perfect that he was working away at the time. Even better that it was National Donut Day! How CRAZY is that! I’ve had this idea for years and it just happens to be  National Donut Day the exact day I get to tell him. It was all working out perfect. 

Fast forward to Friday I picked up the donuts and got the box ready to tell Charlie our big news. I pile Alayna and the donuts into the car we set off to go pick Charlie up. I felt so sick! Sick from excitement. After the longest week of my life, I finally get to tell Charlie We’re having a baby! Charlie’s wanted a second child much longer than I have. But I had also hinted to him earlier in the week that I had got my period, so I knew he would be super shocked and confused!

We see Charlie and pull over. While he’s busy getting Alayna out of the car for a cuddle I go to the boot and grab the donuts. I explained it was just a treat for national donut day! I ask if I could take a photo of him opening it. But really I was videoing him!

He acted exactly how I imagined, super shocked (because he thought I got my period) and super excited! Right after I stopped filming we both had a little cry and he couldn’t stop saying ‘Your going to be a big sister Alayna!’.
He’s wanted this for so long and it’s happening! Although it was the longest week of my life not being able to tell him, the wait was worth it.
I will be uploading the video to my Instagram @tinythoms where you can see his reaction.

Friends and Family.

We also told our closest friends and family we were pregnant with cute ‘baby #2’ cookies! It was so nice to be able to tell them in a fun way. I know all of these ‘announcements’ may seem over the top to some people, but it’s how we wanted it. We wanted it to be big and exciting. As most of you may know we didn’t get to experience this with our first pregnancy, so we want to make sure we make the most of this pregnancy, even if that does mean going over the top. 

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