Hey guys! I’m about to tell you how I found out I was pregnant at 18. This isn’t like most stories where we were trying to conceive, we weren’t even trying when I fell pregnant, it just happened. However, it’s been the best thing that ‘just happened’ in my whole life. So, here goes!

When I fell pregnant I was still in school. I was in year 12 at the time when I realised my period was pretty darn late. I thought I may as well buy a pregnancy test on the way home just to be sure, although I was more thinking it was late by stress or diet change or something small like that!


I took the test, it was a first response pregnancy test. Thinking nothing of it as I was sure it would be negative I jumped in the shower without checking to see what the outcome of the test would be. Afterwards I was drying off and looked over at the test to which I saw a very faint second line, like I mean VERY faint. I just thought uh, faulty test! I took a photo and sent it to my best friend, her response went something like ‘OMG YOU’RE PREGNANT YAY!!! OMG IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!’ she thought I was pregnant and was super happy about it, but I wasn’t convinced so I just left it at that. I didn’t even tell Charlie.


When I arrived at school the next day my friend was standing there with a grin on her face and another pregnancy test or me to use, this one was a clear blue pregnancy test where it tells you how many weeks pregnant you are. So, on our lunch beak we quickly went to a friend’s house and I took the test, it was most defiantly positive. I was 5+ weeks!

The mixed emotions were overwhelming to say the least! I was in so much shock, had so much excitement, yet was so scared at the same time. I was laughing but had tears, not because I was unhappy but because I just couldn’t comprehend what just happened.

Silly me, in the moment of panic sent a photo of the test to Charlie while he was at work, thats probably my biggest regret. It would have been nice if I had of waited until we were both at home together. I feel like it would have been more special and less scary if we were there for each other’s first reactions. But anyway, Charlie tried call me a few times and I kept declining, because lets be honest I was way too nervous to talk to him over the phone! Shortly after he gave up trying to call and responded to my message with ‘really? Haha shit! okay we will talk about it when I get home! Xxx’. He was so mature about it all and handled it so well.

There was never a moment where we thought ‘no this can’t be happening my life is ruined’ blah blah blah, we were excited from day dot, shocked but excited! We couldn’t wait to start this new journey together.

Just like that we were going to be parents in less than 8 months!  There were no questions about that, no other options we ever crossed our minds or were discussed.. We were going to be parents, the best we could possibly be.


We couldn’t have been more blessed with our daughter, she’s the best thing that ever happened to us!

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