Packing your hospital bag would have to be one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy!
Sorting through all the tiny, freshly washed clothing and knowing your baby will be wearing them very soon is the best feeling in the world.

After having my first daughter I realised how unprepared I was for hospital. I was always getting my partner to drive home or to the shops to get supplies I hadn’t packed enough of (or packed at all). This time around I have a better understanding on what to pack and I feel so much more prepared. 
Below is my Hospital bag Checklist, I hope it helps you! 




When going off my checklist; please keep in mind I was in hospital for 6 days with my daughter. So I may be packing more than the average. But in saying that, my midwives helped me put this checklist together. So everything listed is what they’ve recommended.

One tip I notice people give is not to overpack; but I see no harm in overpacking practical pieces! I figure I would rather have too much then not enough. I still believe my checklist is practical, but it all depends on your labour, birth and baby and how long you’re in hospital for.
This checklist is what I’ll be packing personally, but you can always pack more/less depending on your circumstances!


I hope this Checklist helps some mama’s out there who are about to pack their hospital bag. Good Luck and happy packing! 

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