When I fell pregnant with my son I started getting pregnancy symptoms within days of conceiving! After months of negative tests, I knew this time was different. I would lay up at night researching ‘early pregnancy signs’ trying to figure out if I was just going crazy, or if I was experiencing symptoms so soon after trying. I couldn’t find much on the internet that wasn’t the standard; Sore boobs, missed period, morning sickness.

After that I went straight to my phone notes and wrote down dot points on  ‘how I knew I was pregnant within days’ just 4 days after we conceived. So that I if I did turn out to be pregnant, I could write this blog! Here I am, 25 weeks pregnant and finally sitting down to tell you just that. Symptoms are different for everyone, but this is what I experienced.


Early pregnancy signs-

  • Cramping
  • Headaches
  • Feeling uneasy
  • Oily hair
  • Tired
  • Heartburn
  • Breakouts/Glowing
  • Weeing constantly
  • Strange dreams
  • Sore boobs
  • Dehydrated
  • Food cravings/reservations
  • Strong sense of smell.


I had cramps the morning after conceiving, super painful sharp cramping which I don’t usually experience unless my periods due; which it wasn’t.


The worst headaches! I rarely get headaches so when I started getting constant headaches and couldn’t figure out why I assumed it was a pregnancy symptom.


Feeling uneasy:
Such a strange feeling! I wasn’t unwell or sick but I felt really uneasy, like there was something happening in my stomach that I couldn’t explain. It was almost like things were moving around in there, to make room to grow a baby.


Oily hair:
Oily hair has never really been as issue with me. I usually only wash it once every 4-7 days (sounds gross I know, but have you seen how long my hair is!?) But it got to a point I would need to wash it daily and even then it still felt oily!


I mean ridiculously tired! Where you just can’t wake up for the life of you and when you do, you cant get yourself out of bed! Having a full night’s sleep but still waking up with big dark bags under your eyes. Feeling constantly exhausted.


Feeling like your meals aren’t sitting right in your stomach and getting heartburn after meals and at bedtime.


Noticing your face change; whether it starts to get more oily or dry than normal and breakout in pimples or a rash OR it starts to look clearer than normal and has a glow to it. 


Weeing constantly:
Weeing more than usual, constantly running off to the toilet and maybe even getting up through the night.


Strange dreams: I’m a huge believer that some dreams are trying to tell us something. Whenever I get vivid dreams I’ll look into them to see if it’s trying to tell my something and it almost always is! I can’t remember that exact dream I was having, it was a scary one. but when I researched it, it told me what I wanted to hear! Take time to listen to your subconscious mind.


Sore boobs: I usually experience sore boobs when my periods due so this wasn’t convincing for me. But I know that isn’t the case for everyone. Getting sore boobs and noticing your boobs looking/feeling ‘fuller’ may be an early symptom.


Dehydrated: Feeling dehydrated was a big one for me. I’m someone who is pretty bad at listening to my body and knowing what it wants/needs. But this one became SO noticeable in the early stages (and still to this day). I realise that I’m so thirsty all the time and I’m constantly up in the night getting a drink.


Food cravings/reservations: Food cravings can begin so early in pregnancy. Food cravings are very common. I experienced this but I noticed food reservations more. I couldn’t stand preparing or eating dinner, raw meat, eggs and vegetables were a big no no. I could only eat starchy foods, burgers, potato, pastas, bread etc.


Strong sense of smell: Getting a strong sense of smell can be a huge sign. Being able to identify certain small smells or not being able to tolerate certain smells. struggled with grocery stores, dinner cooking, raw meat, the fridge etc. because they were all such strong smells and it set my nausea off!

After a few days of trying for baby #2, my toddler started pulling my top up in public and pointing at my stomach saying ‘baby’ and kissing my belly. She has never done this before and I had never told her that’s where babies grew. Her behaviour shocked my husband and I. To me, that was a huge sign she could sense a baby in my stomach!

These are a few early pregnancy symptoms I noticed before I missed my period along with having that ‘gut’ feeling I was pregnant. Every small change in my body felt like a symptom to me. I was so sure that I was pregnant; told my husband, sister and friends that I was pregnant before I even knew. 


I hope this blog has helped someone who is feeling early pregnancy signs and is looking for reassurance!

Love Loz xxx

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