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So, I thought I would start off with sharing a little bit about me!

I’m Laura Thoms, but you can call me Loz. I’m a 22 year old mama to my daughter Alayna and I’m pregnant with our son.

My husband and I met in school at 17, got pregnant with Alayna at 18, were parents at 19, engaged at 20, married at 21, and now expecting our second little blessing at 22. So I guess you could say we jumped into life pretty quickly! But I think we do a pretty good job and make a good team.

We live in good old country Victoria (Australia) and have a few cats, rabbits, chickens and all the rest. Our main priority at the moment is trying to get organised for baby #2 that’s due on the 1st Feb, and saving some $$$ so we can move somewhere the sun actually shines. We also plan to do some road tripping in the future.

I won’t bore you with our life details but I will leave a few fun facts about me below!

  • I can’t sleep with sheets on the bed or socks on, gives me claustrophobia.
  • I get offended so easily.
  • I have to put the shower tap on cold before I get out, otherwise I faint.
  • I don’t answer phone calls 99% of the time, even if I know you. Text me like a normal person.
  • I have 4 tattoo’s and plan to get more after babies born.
  • I’m a huge believer that dreams means things, google your dreams!
  • I’ve always struggled massively with body image but I’m slowly getting better. Having a daughter has definitely helped me.
  • I absolutely love health and fitness and seeing others achieve their goals.
  • I have bent pinkie fingers LOL and I’m praying I don’t pass that gene on to my poor kids!
  • I have a big dimple on one side of my face.
  • My daughter came into my life exactly when I needed her and taught me what happiness was again. 
  • I am probably the worst night driver I’ve ever known.
  • I love love love road trips!
  • I truly am proud of how far I have come (stuck up I knowww). But I use to be one unhappy girl who couldn’t enjoy a holiday let alone day to day life. Now I thrive, look forward to each day and I really have become a positive soul. 
  • I love healthy eating but I’m also the fussiest eater.
  • I’ve always wanted 4 kids but now I’m starting to think 3 will do.
  • I fell pregnant with Alayna when I was in my last year of high school, and graduated at 39 weeks pregnant and had her 2 weeks later! I’m super proud of that.
  • Charlie and I have decided if we can financially afford it, I will be a Stay at home mum until the kids are in school. This works for us!
  • I’ve had depression and anxiety for 9 years now and its something I’m constantly working on.
  • We absolutely LOVE camping. We would go away every weekend if we could.
  • My husband has recently started a new job which is night shift, so we are in the process of a new routine and big change for all of us.


I have a blog up called ‘why I started blogging’ where I share a little bit more about why I created this blog and what I hope comes out of it. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, my instagram is @tinythoms if you would like to follow along.


Love Loz xxx



“The secret to having it all, is knowing you already do”

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